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The Pittsburg Entertainment Arts Hall of Fame announced the sad passing of inductee Frank DeRosa on Wednesday, January 15. The Pittsburg Entertainment Arts Hall of Fame has lost a valued member of its board after she died at his home in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mike studied jazz at UT Austin and was a gigging jazz guitarist in the Bay Area, but he was also recognized as one of the most influential jazz musicians of his generation. He has worked on over 180 albums, including a string of top 10 hits in the US charts, received gold and platinum awards, won songwriting awards, and written songs for artists such as Elvis Presley, John Coltrane, Elvis Costello, Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison, to name a few, and many others.

He attended the California Jazz Conservatory (formerly Jazz School) and studied at the University of California, San Francisco and San Diego State University. He became a fan of Django Reinhart and was attracted to the music of the early 20th century, especially the work of John Coltrane, but remained in the Bay Area for most of his adult life, studying under the tutelage of jazz musicians such as Billie Holiday, Bill Kreutzmann, George Benson, Charlie Parker, Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, John Cage and others.

When he sang in clubs in San Francisco, he forgot about Bill Graham's attention, signed a contract with Columbia Records and released his debut album in 1977. In 1979 he moved to Chicago and performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in "Blow for Blows."

His first portraits and sketches were supported by a series of short films for Paramount Pictures in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He also did promotional work for Jackson Enterprises and then landed a job as a stuntman for the New York City Police Department. After moving to Hollywood, he worked with Jimmy Van Heusen and worked with Paramount on 41 films, mostly for Bing Crosby.

McDowell was still learning to draw himself, and used pen and ink to share his art tips with the pop star, he says, and the two developed a friendship that would last for the next 12 years or so. The budding young artist continued to sketch on any paper he could find, even though there was hardly any money for art objects. A younger Jackson would later convince the still shy McD Powell to teach him to sketch.

Years later, McDowell's sketches were released on Jackson's Thriller album, which included a songbook and listed him as a coordinator and creative consultant. The Hall of Fame experience included the creation of a 1.80-meter frieze depicting Pittsburgh's cultural history, as well as sketches by internationally renowned artists such as Michael Jackson and David Bowie. He had recently returned to Pittsburgh for a family funeral and says he realized he wanted to be here, where some family members still live.

He led a diverse group of bands that listened to him and from which he could learn, and enjoyed gypsy jazz, bluegrass, rock and pop. The guitar cries softly, a close friend recalls, and Weir notes that his favorite years in the band were the early years of the Grateful Dead and the late 70s and early 80s.

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The Pittsburg Entertainment and Arts Hall of Fame is located in the renovated Sullenberger Swim Center on the former site of the old Post-Dispatch building. This unique museum, housed in a historic post office building, is highlighted by permanent exhibits honouring various cultures and families in Pittsburgh. Notable facilities include an amusement park with exciting rides for everyone. Moviegoers can watch a movie in the theater, while history buffs are invited to explore Pittsburgh's living heritage and culture through the Pittsburgh Historical Society Museum. Play on a dead crowd, swim in pools, swim in a swimming pool or play in an indoor pool.

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