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The Golden Gate Park Bike Path winds through San Francisco's famous city parks, providing an easy and scenic route for the city's growing bicycle network. This scenic path offers an intoxicating combination of sweeping views that wind through a variety of parks and paths, as well as picturesque views of the Bay Area. The trails around San Francisco offer many opportunities to ride in the heart of one of America's most beautiful cities, with a wide range of options for all ages, abilities and abilities.

BART is easily accessible and you can take a ride on the Golden Gate Bridge or the San Francisco Bay Bridge or walk along one of the many bike paths in the city. Enjoy the proximity to the bay and scenic views of Oakland, San Jose and the Bay Area from the bike paths.

The Folsom South Canal Recreation Trail offers scenic views of San Francisco Bay and San Jose Bay. Named after the Ohlone Indians who once lived in the area, this road is a commuter corridor. The Laguna Creek Trail takes participants on a scenic walk along scenic Lagunas Creek, a popular tourist attraction in San Mateo County.

Combine two of the most scenic hiking trails in San Mateo County by running a road parallel to the road that connects the edge of Corte Madera with the eastern end of San Francisco Bay and San Jose Bay.

The French Camp Slough Trail, also known as the San Joaquin River Trail, runs parallel to the Pacific Coast on the former Ocean Shore Railroad. It runs parallel to the waterway along a levee in southern Stockton and ends on the shores of Lake Merritt, south of San Francisco Bay.

The McCoy Creek Path starts at Carl E. Hall Park, which houses a playground next to the library and community center. The Delta de Anza Regional Trail is 15 miles long and runs along the San Joaquin River in southern Stockton, south of San Francisco Bay.

The Lower Silver Creek Trail runs along the creek of the San Joaquin River in Stockton, south of the San Francisco Bay. It runs north to S. River Road, where it returns to its original path and then heads south into the city of St. Louis.

The Crystal Springs Regional Trail is part of a network of trails that forms the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area Trail System. The Highway 87 Bikeway follows State Route 87 and runs parallel to StateRoute 237, and the Sandra Marker Trail runs for a mile, connecting the city of San Jose with the city of St. Louis, Missouri, the largest city in the state.

The Central County bike path starts at the Suisun - Fairfield station, which is used by Amtrak's Capitol Corridor trains.

This location is a great place to explore the beautiful Central County hills and valleys, as well as the city of Pittsburgh. Guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the hills and walk to and from their accommodation. The views of the slopes are enhanced by the fact that all accommodations offer a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other amenities within walking distance.

If you're looking for a gentle Marin County railroad path with great views of the San Francisco Bay and San Mateo County, the Tiburon Historical Trail is for you. The Oakland Lake Merritt Trail runs along the lakeside, and the Mori Ridge Trailbebe is just a short walk from the city of Oakland to the Bay Area's most popular hiking trails.

The Sacramento River Parkway Trail crosses the Sacramento in two separate segments and embraces the eastern bank of the Sacramento River. The Two Rivers Trail runs alongside the American River and connects Jibboom Street with State Route 160 in the redeveloped northern part of downtown Sacramento.

The Southside Bikeway connects downtown Vacaville with the former Sacramento Northern Railway corridor. The Centennial Way Trail follows the eastern edge of the Northgate neighborhood in downtown Sacramento and the Sacramento River Parkway Trail. The Old Highway 40 Bike Trail runs parallel to eastern Davis and connects to the North Gate Trail in downtown Sacramento. Developed as part of a multi-million dollar redevelopment project, the Ninos Parkway uses a utility corridor to connect the San Francisco Bay Area's Central Valley with Sacramento and NorthGate neighborhoods, with a series of bike lanes, bike parking and bike lanes.

Miller Creek Trail is a short asphalt road that runs along the former Lucas Valley Road fork. The Petaluma Trails consist of two paths: The Lincoln Hill Pathway and Southside Bikeway, both of which provide direct access to the San Francisco Bay Area's Central Valley.

The Iron Horse Regional Trail that surrounds the area has two routes: the Isabel Avenue Trail and the Napa River Trail. Isabel Ave Trail runs along the north side of Isabel Street, north of the intersection of Isla Vista Road and Isabel Road. Besides crossing the San Mateo River, it also runs a short distance parallel to its namesake.

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